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I am a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at Brown University and advised by Tim Kraska. I am part of Brown's Data Management group and MIT's Learned Systems group and specializing in systems research and ML-for-Systems.

In my Ph.D., I research the use of Machine Learning techniques to engineer LearnedSort, a new, learning-enhanced, sorting algorithm. So far, our work has achieved outstanding performance in comparison to state-of-the-art approaches.

Before my time at Brown, I received my bachelor's degree from Bilkent University in Turkey. During that time I undertook a few side projects and volunteered for the Erasmus Student Network and Crossing Paths.


Peer-reviewed papers

Defeating duplicates: A re-design of the LearnedSort algorithm
A. Kristo, K. Vaidya, T. Kraska
AIDB @ VLDB 2021, Copenhagen, DK

The Case for a Learned Sorting Algorithm
A. Kristo, K. Vaidya, U. Çetintemel, S. Misra, T. Kraska
SIGMOD 2020, Portland, OR

SageDB: A Learned Database System
T. Kraska, M. Alizadeh, A. Beutel, E. H. Chi, J. Ding, A. Kristo, G. Leclerc, S. Madden, H. Mao and V. Nathan
CIDR 2019, Asilomar, CA


Other research activity

Learned Sort

  • AI Systems Workshop at SOSP 2019, Huntsville, ON
  • Poster session at the NEDB 2019, Cambridge, MA

BROOK: A compilation tool to reduce inference time for small neural networks

  • Poster session at NEDB 2018, Cambridge, MA


Blog items

Defeating Duplicates: A Re-Design of the LearnedSort Algorithm
A summary of the improvements made in LearnedSort 2.0 to address the issue of sorting on a large portion of duplicate keys.

Connectionist and Statistical Approaches to Natural Language Processing
An overview of the achievements and challenges for modern machine translation systems

The Right to be Forgotten
An analysis from an American perspective and what it means for the US to adopt it

Engineering the Human Mind
Challenges, Attempts and Implications

GOFAI and Connectionism in the Context of Computer Games
An overview of incremental successes of Chess and Go engines throughout the history of AI


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Room 345
Providence, RI

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